WPF Application


So, this application is to prepare an roadtrip for someone and keep an eye on this roadtrip. You can check if the people has finished or not the roadtrip. A roadtrip is for one user and you can add to 20 coordonate per roadtrip. Each roadtrip is archived on the user.

Add a user:

If you want to have a new user, you need to add a user. You need to enter his nickname. His nicknme is the name used by the user. It cannot be the same that another user. It’s a unique identifier.

You need to enter too his rapidity. The rapidity is the capacity of the user to go fast or not to a coordonate. There is 3 degree of rapidity:slow,normal or fast. slow is for slowly user and who go under the speed limit. Normal is for users who go at an the  speed limit. And fast is for people who go fast and go a little bit up that the speed limit.

The entry for trust is the capability to be in trust of a user or not. There is 3 degree of trust. the first is not trusted. It means we give this roadtrip to this user because there is nobody else there but we cannot give him a important roadtrip. The second is trusted. It means we can trust of this user and he doesn’t do anything wrong. He can have important roadtrip but we prefere to give to the highest trust of user. The final degree is high trusted user. It means we give at this user the important roadtrip. high trusted users are prioritary of other users.

Delete a user:

Not yet implemented.

Add a roadtrip:

  1. We need to select the user who have a new roadtrip
  2. We add coordonate with will be on the list after
  3. We click to confirm the adding coordonate
  4. We add the roadtrip to the user

Modification on roadtrip:

Next to have selected a user, you can see his roadtrip on the list. If you want to modifiate the roadtrip you need to select it.

Update: This button is useful if you have just add a roadtrip to the user. You need to update the list if you want to see his brand new roadtrip.

Change status: We use this button to update the roadtrip. To say if the roadtrip is in progress or if it’s done.

Create PDF: This button create a pdf of the roadtrip to be export to somebody.


Delete roadtrip: not yet implemented.